Friday, July 2, 2010

Accessing Public Transportation after 5: A Make or Break Quest



Two days ago, my elder sister came home with the look I know so well. Being the concerned and inquisitive last born of the family, I quickly asked her why she was looking so downcast. After a short sigh, she said “Someone stole my purse as I was alighting from the troski at 37”. Oh!

Fortunately for her, the only thing she had lost was GH¢50, since she doesn’t put her ATM cards and IDs in her wallet. As we talked about her loss, I shuddered to think of what I would have done if I had lost my purse (it has my two ATM cards and IDs)….

Now this happened as she was getting down from the troski. Several people at the bus stop were struggling to get on, so as she squeezed through the fighting would-be passengers, someone decided to earn a bonus by taking my dear sister’s purse (which in actuality was my favorite 5 yr old Dior purse).

When its 5pm in Accra, about 95% of businesses in Accra call it a day. However, we all know that the day ends when we get to our places of abode. And of course, in order to get home there are three things you have to deal with: Traffic, shortage of vehicles and the fact that the every worker in Accra also wants  to get home. My brother, who goes through this ordeal every single day calls his struggle to get a vehicle a “Make or Break Deal”.

Why do we have to go through this everyday? As I tried to think of possible reasons for this troubling phenomenon, these were the few I could come up with:

  1. Too many cars on single-laned nightmares
  2. Inadequate roads
  3. Too few buses
  4. Lack of an efficient railway system
  5. Faulty traffic lights

Do you have anything else to add? I’m sure there are many more probable reasons that have failed to travel through my mind at the moment.

By the way, have you noticed that some thieves have also taken this problem as an opportunity to rob already frustrated people who haven’t gotten vehicles. They act like they are also struggling to get on the bus when in actual fact, they are slipping their fingers into people’s pockets and purses.

Some perverts also take the opportunity to squeeze people’s butts (A friend just told me of her experience as I was typing this)….. Oh Chaley!! And the rains are not helping matters at all…

The funny thing that some people do is to board the vehicle before asking for its destination. Eiii!!! Nsem wo Ghana…… Why go through all that stress only to find out that the car isn’t heading to your destination?

My sisters and brothers, finding transportation in Accra after 5pm  is indeed… a make or break quest…..


  1. Great piece! Seriously, something has to be done about public transport blues...Speaking of perverts, my coworker's girlfriend stood in front of one such pervs in a trotro line. The guy basically had his pants down and genitalia out by the time she turned around to see what was going on!! *Gross*

  2. @ Abena: Thanks... And speaking of pervs, ur coworkers girl must have been petrified. I would have given the sucka a dirty slap before raining all the decent insults I can think of on him! AHH!!

  3. wow, good to know its not only Nigeria that suffers from this


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