Friday, July 30, 2010

Goodbye Love Pariah......

In a crowd where people stare
And I'm seen as a love pariah
My eyes only seem to see
His face in a blank space

Even when the world is spinning around
And my thoughts are partially clouded
My every memory of him stays intact
Like yarns spun into a tight ball

Just when I was wondering
How long my mind would keep wandering
To the times we had fun as friends
And pretending that it didnt matter
If thats all we would ever be
He showed up at my doorstep
And says "will you be mine, exclusively"?

Hurray! the wilderness days are over
For finally, we've taken the next step
That every one wishes for
At one point in their life.


  1. sweedy, i'm kepping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

  2. ain't you lucky?
    or is it the persona?
    moments like this just make your heart thump thump thump!

  3. @ lucci: Thanks love and please do..

    @ novisi: Uh huh. Most definitely and, my heart does that when i see him..


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