Monday, July 12, 2010

The One…

Its another weekday evening and whilst everyone else is probably sipping wine and relaxing after a long day at work, having dinner out with friends, or talking to their significant others about the hectic happenings that occurred during the day,  here I am, listening to JD’s discovery, Dondria’s single “ You’re the one”, and staring at the blank document page on my laptop.

Listening to the lyrics of the song got me thinking. Yep, my mind is simultaneously playing a constant roll of memories and trying to find reasons behind each memory.  How do you determine who “the one” is? Do we look for people who are uncharacteristically thoughtful, or people who are considerate of our feelings and continue to tolerate us when we are being selfish, mean and complete jerks at the same time.

I sometimes ask my friends, “How do you know that this one person is the one you are supposed to spend the rest of your existence on this earth with?” Are there specific signs or is it just a feeling that can’t be controlled? Well guess what, none of my friends have ever given any other answer apart from “You just know”.

Lets face it: My love life is pretty much a giant crap show. I’ve had my heart ripped out of my chest one too many times. So, after failed relationships which started with the conviction that those guys, at various points in time were supposed to be “the one for me”. I’m sure anyone can understand why I’m asking these questions… Or? What do you say, person reading this post?

I would sometimes lie in bed at night, hoping and praying that my ex would call and make a confession of remorse for hurting my feelings but, I finally realized that it was just a waste of time on someone who probably isn’t great for me. After all, it seemed he always had time for every other thing but me.

Personally, I believe that in love the other person must be your priority and vice versa. So why allow someone in your past to occupy a sizeable apartment in your brain? Totally pointless…

So for now, my heart is being be kept under lock and key… at least, till i find the “The One”.


  1. I don't think you can tell he or she is the one until after all guards are down in the relationship. I believe rational men & women have their guards up to a certain extent in relationships. Until the guards come down and trust is consequently confirmed, you cant tell he/she is the one for life, till death do us part.
    In the world I know, young men out in the fields, spot a lady and know how far they will take a relationship with her even before anything starts. Unless something unexpected (maturity, conscience, religion) happens, it will go according to plan.
    My suggestion; don't keep your heart under lock & key. If you pick a ride to get on, enjoy it to the max till the last wheel is about to fall off. That way, you wont have regrets if that last wheel falls off. It might. It might not.
    Compromise only what you can live with though.

    Life itself is a giant crap game. No loaded dice.

  2. @ Mike: I'm glad you posted your comment. Very wise words. But, sometimes trust isn't the issue. It could be so many things beyond imagination.


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