Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Trapped By The Bunk Bed!

Okay. So I was sitting back reminiscing about the fun my mates and I had in Senior Secondary School and couldn't help but laugh out loud at one particular memory that still remains fresh on my mind. And if you think the title is figurative, please continue to read the story that follows.

It was a sunny weekday afternoon and students were rushing out of the dining hall after having their lunch. The weather was so hot that most of us couldn't wait to have cold showers as we were punished by the scorching sun en route to our dormitories....... Unfortunately, our plans to get a cold shower were put on hold by the sound of the ringing bell ( we all knew something was up).

As I slipped on my bathrobe and hurried towards the bathroom, the bell-ringer announced that all students were to proceed to the Assembly Hall for the handing over ceremony. Immediately I heard a Mtcheew (hissing of teeth) behind me. Arrgh! these people paa... what handing over ceremony isn't announced till the last minute?  Apparently, they wanted Form Three prefects to hand over their badges to the newly appointed prefects who were still in Form Two and guess what, attendance was compulsory.

Not too excited about the whole event, my friends and I; who were Form Three students, decided to boycott the whole event for this simple reason: the weather was really really hot and the last thing any of us wanted to do was sit through an event that was of no benefit to us.... Yeah, I'm sure you are thinking "this is deviant behaviour' but hey, there are days when good girls snap. :-)

Anyway, before we could even get to the bathroom, we heard someone shout "Teachers are coming" We all knew what that meant, Scatter! Some students ran out of the dormitories but yours truly, who prides herself as being the queen of hide and seek decided to hide and, so did some of my mates who had also decided not to attend.

So as I hid under the bed of a mate who had scattered books all over in her corner and, had lots of stuff under her bed, I knew I was safe (anyone who got there would assume that the person was packing stuff and had to leave for the ceremony). Smart, aye?

Toshie, my dormmate was not so lucky though. Till this day I still can't figure out why she thought barricading the doors with a trunk would prevent the male teachers from entering the dorm. As she hurried to hide under one of the beds, she chose a really low bunk bed. Wrong decision. See, Toshie was big, with a large backside so kindly try to visualize what happened next.

Yes! My dear girl got stuck. Her head and upper back were under the bed and her butt was sticking out. the worse part was that she could neither go under the bed nor come out. I struggled to muffle my laughter when the two teachers burst into the dormitory and whipped her stuck butt  as she screamed Oh Sir, Oh Sir Oh Sir.......

Anyways, we all had a good laugh as I re-enacted the whole show later that night after prep........

Got any interesting experiences to share? Please let it out.... I'm dying to hear them.....


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  1. AHAHAHAHA!! LOL!! oo i just saw this!! nd i'm crying with laughter!! hahaaha rofl


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