Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Stronger With Each Tear

There are no words or ways to show

All the thoughts I’m thinking of…

I reflect on my past actions

Oh! the crazy things I did

Just to show my passion


You were all I always wanted

Everything I thought I needed

I’m sure I reinvented the true meaning

Of what people call a yearning


But then you left

And it felt like the sun

Was taken from my sky

I must confess I’m still confused

And can’t help but feel used

Tell me why I had to pay the wrong price

For falling deeply for you


They say time heals the wounds

So why do mine still feel new?

Why does my heart still skip a beat

Anytime I hear your name

Why does my body spontaneously tremble

Anytime I  smell your sweet perfume?


I cried for many nights

Till my reservoir of tears was totally depleted

I prayed that you would come back

And fantasized for hours on end

About a love that wasn’t real

And a past, not  to be revived


But tonight as I sit in my quiet bedroom

Smiling and typing away on these little keys

I realize one positive thing

In this whirlwind of negative emotions…

That which doesn’t kill you

Makes you stronger

After the tears have dried.


  1. did you write this?? it's amazing. i love it!! i'll post it on my facebook note that way i can save it. :)

  2. @ Gifty: Yep. I wrote this and, i'm glad you love it. Hope you will visit again soon and please don't forget to acknowledge the source when you post it as a note on facebook..
    Much love... :-)


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