Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Walking indolently on a quiet street
I listen to sad love songs
As flashbacks of the times we’ve had
Remind me of the emptiness I feel
Now that you are not around

There was a time in the past
When I was yours
And you were mine
Together we were like beautiful music
Each note perfectly in place

Words can’t describe what it felt like
To have you kiss away all the sad tears
And crack little teasing jokes
Till you saw me struggle to hide my smile
Oh! the feeling was sublime.

Through the good and the bad
I’d been so glad to be with you
But now you’re gone
Leaving nothing but wishes and unfulfilled dreams
And the smell of your cologne
On every sheet I own

I know I should leave you in the past
And move on with my life
But it’ll take time
To control these feelings of you……

Sometimes I think of you and sigh……
If only I could have you hold me
Through the cold and rainy night
I would wake up to a morning
That is warm and bright.
But sadly, all I can do is wish…..

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