Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stealing On The Third Day?

Unbelievable! That was all I could say when I found out that the new househelp had stolen my mom's cell phone. And she hasn't even been here for a week.

Yesterday she stole food and lied about it, . And now this... Talk about extremely sticky fingers....

I would have thought that she would try to create a good impression for a few months before showing her true colours but I guess, she just couldn't suppress the urge to steal.....

We have gathered all the evidence and right now my mom's contemplating the next step.  I even intentionally asked the girl if the phone was hers and she confidently answered in the affirmative.  I just don't understand it, she is treated in the same way we are all treated but she just had to blow it.

Why did this even have to happen today? With this malaria and the fact that I hate the way the Artesunate Amodiaquine is making me drowsy. Sigh!

Anyway, how do you think this issue should be handled? Do we threaten to send her to the police so she confesses or, do we just send her packing?


  1. I think you should just send her packing. Why wait till she steals again? What if it's something more valuable to you than your phone? Or worse, she conspires with some armed robbers? Call me paranoid but that's just how things are in Ghana these days.

  2. I agree with Boatemaa. Just send her packing. It's not worth the effort to contact the police, who will rob you a second time by demanding bribes before they even come out to your house to interrogate the girl.

  3. I think you should just let her go. But of course, use menaces if you must, to retrieve the phone before she goes.

  4. send her packing...
    she will steal again!

    make sure that she was the one who stole though; being accused falsely is no fun.

  5. take the phone back and send her packing. if she tries to give you grief about returning the phone then threaten to contact the police. nonsense! sorry you're going through this.

    thieves LOVE phones!

  6. Well, my parents paid her and sent her packing this evening. As for the phone, my Mom just decided to leave it for her. The thing has too many faults.

    The funny thing is that the girl didn't show any remorse after she had been told that she was being sacked as a result of her stealing and lying..... These people!


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