Sunday, October 17, 2010

If Only?

It probably wasn't until I started puting on weight that I started to see how men see the world, how they check out women's bodies. Anytime I spot an attractive lady walking around, I look at all the men around. It's amazing, men who are alone or with other men look brazenly. Even men who are with women  look.

Anyway, last week I was talking with a male friend when this gorgeous lady in high heels struts her stuff past us, I turned and realised - everyone was staring at her. Even my friend. Now, when I told him to stop looking at her all he said was "Afua, you are a pretty girl but you would be getting these kind of stares if only, you would lose some pounds". To say I felt wounded would be putting it lightly...  I guess he realised that what he said hurt me so he apologised but hey, we already know what he was thinking...

So, as I posted my weight change on my weight loss blog, I asked myself, do all guys look at me and think the same thing? Hmmm... If only....


  1. I have nothing constructive to say. I'd like to get my hands on that friend though. So what if you've gained some weight? Some of us can't gain any and look like somali refugees!!!! Grr sista, you do what you want to do and only for your health. Don't let society dictate what size you should be.

    Oh would you look at that? Something constructive lol (hug)

  2. Honestly... and this is from a gal who struggled with weightloss at one time...most normal men will look at a passing circus, but they KNOW she would be highmaintenance and i have had guys tell me that a 'real' woman with curves is usually more down to earth and natural.

    Plus here in the US, I have met a few African men who say they like some ' junk in the trunk' LOL

    Who wants toothpicks anyways!!

  3. Those men looking at the lady walking by...what did they look like? I'll bet quite a few of them had beer bellies, flabby arms and wobbly bottoms. Yet the pressure is always on women.

  4. Everyman has an idea of the kinda girl they would want to date. Most men like a lot of junk in the trunk like @designer said.

    What your friend said was wrong.
    I agree with @Daixy, you do what you want to do coz of your health not what society says.

    but i dont agree with guys who told @designer that a real woman with curves is usually more down to earth and natural..

  5. @ Bonti - what they were talking about is, that in THEIR experience they found that to be the case.


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