Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Aphrodisiacs, Cobra and “Exziteness”

I’ve always wondered why young and strong men who claim to be great in the sack waste their resources and time looking for various aphrodisiacs and penis enlargement treatments. Then yesterday, something very interesting happened on my way home from work.

Two of my colleagues (AB and FA), the chief driver (TT)  and i were in A.B’s car chatting when TT’s phone rings. He picks the call and talks in a very sweet voice, making it obvious that it is a lady on the other end of the line. As he ends the call, we begin to tease him about his many adventures with women. That was when he starts to talk about how he has “capa” and can make love for long periods of time.

He then proceeded to remove a small and funny looking tube  from his pocket which had the label Cobra on it and showed it to us. This was the conversation that ensued between us.

TT: This thing be strong papa. Cobra. Shwee! Just put a little at the tip of the “stick” and it will stand for hours.

Me: Eii! TT, so after all your bragging you use these things?

TT: Shwee! When I use am like this, e dey give me exziteness… To-otal!

You can imagine what happened next, AB, FA and I burst into fits of laughter. TT then decided to kill us with even more doses when he said “ when you finish like that, you are overjoyced” Ha! This drivers at the office wont kill me..

On Monday, one driver said Johannesbert. Now its “Exziteness” and “Overjoyced”. Ha!

But guys, what do you have to say about the use of these aphrodisiacs by men who, by medical standards do not need to use them? 


  1. I think guys use them when they can't afford to have a bad day and want to be able to say "Another happy customer. Come again".

    BTW, here is something I still don't get about life in Ghana. Co-workers of opposite sex, discussing sex. How far does the discussion have to go before it becomes inappropriate?


  2. "Johannesbert"... LOLOLOL... too funny. It brings to mind the fits of laughter we enjoyed years ago when one of our friends (then a young teenager) went: "O, saa basketball player no a obo ma Houston Rockets no? Y3fr3 no Charles DARKLEY" (instead of Barkley).

    I agree with Mike on the need to not want to have a "bad" day, especially for the first time with a girl you've fancied for so long. I know peeps that did it (back in secondary school days) when they should have been at their "peaks". To them, using those "aids" was kind of like an insurance policy against potential "embarrasment". They're essentially peace-of-mind pills; ego-stroking potions; assurance-of-repeat-customer concoctions... lol


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