Monday, August 16, 2010

4 and 20 Hours Loving…….

Am I living in a dream world

Or is this the real realm?

Just an innocent touch from you

Lights my fire

And your  friendly kisses take me higher

You make me smile with happiness

Even when  I feel the opposite


You helped me to discover me

When others just couldn’t see

The kind of potential within me

I guess it was their jealousy

Of the extent of my versatility

That fuelled their need to drive me crazy


But it doesn’t matter now

For as I walk out my front door

My feet lead me to your patio

And since time waits for no man

I’m here tell you this

My heart beats for you

Every 4 and 20 hours

And 7 days per week.


  1. Beautiful, Enyonam. Please give me some more.

  2. @ Tetekai: :) Thank you so very much. Will definitely give you some more soon.

  3. sometimes I don't want to leave a comment. Just click on the little heart button.

  4. @ Daixy: :-).

    @ The Lyrical Designer: Thank you darling..


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