Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wow! A Year Already?

A year ago today, after countless lectures on blogging from friends, who believed that I had a lot of good stuff to share, I created Soliloquies of a Diva  - A blog revolving around my crazy thoughts, emotions and passions.

I remember asking my friends: “who would read my posts?”. The answer is as clear as day. I would never have dreamed of making new and wonderful friends on the blogosphere. You guys rock!

I send my sincerest thanks to each and every reader who takes time out their crazily-busy but real lives to pay a visit and share their views on every thing I write. I promise to keep posting stuff regularly.

Yay! My blog is a year old……….. Gotta go celebrate.


Signed: The Ecstatic Diva


  1. Yay! Congrats!
    Bring out the "senpay".


  2. Congrats, Diva, it's been a great ride reading. Here's to year 2!

  3. Drinks are on me!('sha me ma'). :)

  4. congrats Enyo! glad to be here on your first birthday! hehehe and i will let you know how my Saturday evening went ;)

  5. Belated congratulations, Diva!


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