Saturday, August 14, 2010

Someone Please Take Off My High Heels....

Christ! Is this the price I have to pay to look very fashionable, professional and appealing to clients? Aaah! My feet are hurting like crazy. Silly me decided to wear my Nine West high heel shoes to work yesterday and, as I limped towards the office, it took a lot of restraint for me not to take off the shoes and walk barefooted. When the shoes finally came off, my feet were actually shaking. Hmmm.... its funny how we ladies compromise our comfort for the Jimmy Choos and Italian high heels.

Do we really need this punishment? Sometimes as I wait for a troski at the bus-stop,  I see pretty young ladies, both skinny and heavy, in their struggling effort to keep their balance atop their high heel shoes taking very slow and calculated steps on the street. I once saw a lady whose feet were practically trembling as a result of these high heels.

Most of us, women wear high heels to work, church, parties and other social gatherings. Of course, there are those who even wear theirs at home or to the shopping mall. The sad part of the story is that many women are unaware of the fact that while wearing high heals, our feet are placed on an unnatural position. And this tends to lead to feet conditions, back problems and pain as well as posture problems. 

Oh, and sometimes, unlucky ladies develop all sorts of corns and calluses on their toes. This is not only painful but unsightly. To tell you the truth, I would rather wear flats and have sexy feet that wear high heels and ..... ... ugh!

Don't you think the price we pay for wearing high heels is too ....... hmmm....... what's  the word? Steep? Unduly high? As for me, I only wear heels when I know I'm gonna sit in a car and be driven straight to my destination, else, its flats all the way.....


  1. It's how you wear them, highs or flats, it's how you wear them. That said, flats win, right? You wear them without tears.

  2. yeah, i had my share of the high heel years. there was a time when i wouldnt wear anything flat. i loved heels. and i wasnt uncomfortable in them either. but you know....these days i prefer block heels. they give the lift without the need to be careful while walking and life is much happier!!

  3. One of my many weaknesses: ladies in pumps.

  4. @ Nana Yaw: Indeed... wearing flats gives your feet and you unending bliss.

    @ LD: Blocks are also cool. I own a few pairs myself.

    @ Mike: I see... That explains why my male colleagues at work got excited the day I dared to wear stillettos to work.

  5. dear, I was so going to say 'I only wear heels when I know I'm gonna sit in a car and be driven straight to my destination'. I feel you o!. No stressing for me, @ the moment my toe hurts and I'm sure its from a pair of heels I wore like 3 weeks ago or so. I wear heels every Sunday but I've stopped o...with all the running and walking all around during the not worth it (cuz I'm a church worker, hence the walkabout).
    I start work @ the bank next week and I've got my comfy black flats ready to go...:D
    Nice post! #sotrue

  6. @ H: Thanks so much for stopping by. Sorry bout ur feet. I know how it feels like. Good luck with your job..

  7. I think heels mainly hurt if you don't wear them often enough. If they're your normal daily footwear, your feet and legs adapt. Either that or your body gets used to ignoring the pain :-)


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