Thursday, August 26, 2010

Still Missing You……….

I woke up this morning

With you on my mind

Remembering your smile

And your dark and smooth skin

Those strong arms

That made me feel warm and safe

And sure that harm can’t stand a chance


Your voice always had me

Yes, my heart really did skip a beat

And my knees always went weak, literally.

I was reminiscing about all those times

The good, when you made me laugh

And stroked my hair

The bad, when you listened to my problems

And offered soothing words to calm my nerves


I remember how you would look deeply

Into my eyes anytime they met mine

Oh! This is torture.

I have to stop this now

But I can’t stop thinking about you

I thought I was over you

But now, I’m missing you more and more

As the seconds go by.


  1. Okay, I was with the persona when i read this poem.
    Keep it coming.

  2. @ Tetekai:Will do. ;-)

    @ Abebe: Thanks.

  3. sigh. i know how you feel. i dont think some people are meant to be " gotten over"... they just flow in your veins....


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