Wednesday, August 18, 2010


As I sit in a cold air-conditioned office

My mind cries in agony

At the realization of what the day will be

Till 5pm when I can flee


A dull day isn’t my thing

Being eclectic is in my nature

And hearing my phone ring every 3 minutes

Forms a major part of my day

Today , however is different

Silence takes charge

And as I hear the ticks and tocks on the clock

I’m near the point of losing my mind


I resort to daydreaming

But that doesn’t seem to be working

Wondering what to do

I look at my screen and find myself

In a land called Blogosphere

Finally, my face is brightly-lit

Cos Mr. Happy arrives

As I soliloquize.


  1. as a fellow blogaholic and daydreamer, i must say. im linking to your blog now.



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