Sunday, August 8, 2010

Foodie Complaint: Why Does Total "Bonjour's" Food Taste So Bad?

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Can someone please tell me why the Chicken Inns found at Bonjour (formally known as On The Run), situated specifically at most Total service stations serve terrible food? Seriously, the first time I tasted their chicken, it tasted rancid.  And then, the last time I asked a friend to bring me lunch on his way back from town, he decided to surprise me with chips and chicken from Chicken Inn.... Unfortunately for him, I wasn't pleasantly surprised.

Whats wrong with them? Their rice is horrible. the chips is even worse and the chicken doesn't get better, whether fried or grilled. Perhaps they should just stick to serving pizza. That seems to be the only thing that turns out right there. And did I mention the fact that some of the waitresses, especially those at the Legon branch just seem to enjoy shaking their buttocks and model like queens instead of hurrying to take people's orders? Hmmm.... eye asem oo.....

So how bout you guys? Have you had similar experiences at other restaurants? Please share them if you do..



  1. On the run in general sucks. Contrary to popular belief, the Pizza Inn at On the Run SUCKS!!! They do not know how to build a proper All Season pizza. Half the time, I have to teach them how to make the pizza I want and most unfortunately, the bread is dry and tastes like cardboard. And don't get me started on the time that I saw a man dip his arm into the pizza sauce at the Legon Pizza Inn. (shakes head)

    I have yet to taste a pizza in Ghana that is anything like a Papa Murphey's.

    Great post btw... You're making me want to go out and try a new restaurant lol

    Oh and....the waitresses seem to think that cuz there's a counter, they do not need to go out to receive and dish out orders. I blame that on the whiny college kids who have not learned yet what it is to eat out. All that take out has the staff confused :P

  2. @ Daixy: Dipped his arm into the pizza sauce? Ewurade! What is wrong with these food service people? Maybe I should just get a pizza recipe and prepare it at home.

    Lol! I'm sure those who take your pizza order rain mental insults on you. But, why pay for anything other than what you want?

    Oh, and please let me know if you like whatever restaurant you decide to try out. I've been dying to take a friend out to dinner but, I can't seem to decide where to go to.


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