Friday, August 6, 2010

My Current Obsessions....

So, its weekend already and I am totally looking forward to a well deserved period of rest and relaxation. (Sigh) let it be 5pm already so I can go home....

Anyways,  I just felt like sharing my current obsessions with y'all.

  • True Blood:  Hearing Bill call out Sookie's name always make me laugh. Can't wait to start watching season 3.
  • The Vampire Diaries: Gosh! I have a thing for cute vampires..... lol!
  • The new hair-cut I plan on getting this weekend. Can't wait to look sexier than I already do (Hey, don't hate... :-)
  • Janelle Monae's The ArchAndroid. Love me some soul.....
  • Two and A Half Men... These guys are hilarious!!
  • The Expendables... Imagine Stallone, Schwarznegger, Willis, Lungdren, Rourke, Jet Li and Jason Statham in one movie. Excited Goosebumps already!
Well folks. Perhaps you could tell me what your current obsessions are.


  1. This post has me obsessing...

    Looks like every item on your obsession list - perhaps apart from the haircut; but then what bars me from assuming it isn't the Rihanna kind? - is Western.

    Of course, that's just you, maybe for just this weekend. But I can't help wondering how many Ghanaians in Ghana are obsessing about Ghana-centric adventures/shows/entertainment, etc?

    'Tis my obsession.

  2. @ Nanasei: Lol! Nana, don't worry. Its definitely not the rihanna kind.

    These are my current obsessions. If I had put up this post last week, the list would have included The Game and 4Play, both of which are Ghanaian...

    Then again Nana, how many Ghanaian shows/adventures are being shown on our screens?

  3. I hear you on True Blood....great stuff. I love that show plus the music is soo creepy!

  4. @ Abena: I know.... especially the way the theme music ends with "I wanna do bad things with you"

  5. i like the vampire diaries so much better than True Blood. If you ever read the sookie stackhouse books, you will know what i mean...its just...they emphasize too much on the sex and blood than the real story. THats why i like the Vampire diaries... great storyline, great acting, no corny accents ( and me living in the South... i can really tell when its faked) and great cast. They dont have to try too hard. oh well.. maybe its also coz i like Stefan and Damon!! LOL

  6. @ The Lyrical Designer: I know what you mean about the corny accents... Was watching divas live last year and there he was with Sam Trammell;imagine my surprise when i heard Ryan Kwanten speak (I totally forgot about how actors adopt accents for certain roles. Silly me. Lol!).

    I love Vampire Diaries and Damon rocks. Guess I have a thing for hot villains turned heroes. :-)


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