Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Sex, Lies and Not-So-Great Lamptey-Mills

Okay, so I was listening to the interview with the alleged victim of the Lamptey-Mills rape saga this morning on Joy FM and heard the girl say that she agreed to have sex with proprietor of Great Lamptey-Mills Schools.

“He did not defile me, I gave myself to him because I want to. I dated him, he said he wanted sex and I accepted it, he did not force me…so I don’t know what is going on.” she said when told that her case was one of defilement and not rape.

After hearing that, I was dumbfounded. Forget about the law for a moment and think about this. Dating her proprietor who by the way is married? Obviously the girl is much more stupid than I thought. Does Ghana Education Service permit students to date their teachers and the proprietors of their schools?

I was just discussing the issue with colleagues at the office and someone just asked “Why hasn’t that rat being stripped of the honor he was given at the last national awards ceremony?”.  Hmmm……. naa political issue ooo…

Seeing the man on TV in those music clips have always irritated me. Maybe its because I felt that the children were paying more time to entertainment instead of their books. Now, with this issue I realize that my instincts were right. I won’t be surprised if other students accuse him of rape. Perhaps he has fun with the female students during rehearsals or better yet, its more like a give and take affair; Have sex with me and I’ll let you perform in the music video that we will be airing on advertising cycle.

Personally, I think parents should withdraw their wards from that school. I know some of you think I’m being rash but think about it. First there was this music teacher who defiled a student in the toilet, now this. Like proprietor, like teacher.

What are your views on this issue? Should he be sent to prison? Should we be concerned about a girl who seems proud of her immoral acts?

Go to Joy FM for more details on the story…….


  1. I heard the interview with Joy FM and my thought was "this girl does not know the implications of what she just said and it shows how immature she is."
    Whether it was consensual or not, as long as she is below the adult age, it is defilement and she does not need to accuse him in order for him to be prosecuted; the state can take that up.(I am not a lawyer).
    She is seemly proud of her conduct because maybe she does not understand the gravity of the situation. This is no longer 'family matter', but a 'nation matter'. It will call to focus the laws governing rape and defilement; even if the victim or family is not pressing charges, the nation must act in the 'best interest' of the victim and law and also to serve as a deterrent for anyone else out there. The fight is not hers!
    As for the girl, it will take a lot to change her preconceived notions.(i gather from the way she spoke.)

  2. Or maybe let's not forget about the law. The law says a girl who is 16 or below cannot give her consent to a man to have sex with her. So whether it is with her consent or not, once it is proved that (1) the girl was 16 or below at the time, and (2) he had sex with her, he would be guilty. He would be convicted. He would serve a sentence of at least 7 years in prison. If this happens, the foolish girl can take lunch to him at Nsawam everyday.

  3. I don't think she's proud of her conduct. I think Lamptey-Mills called her and let her know that he had been arrested again, and that it was all her fault for taking the case to the police in the first place, and that if she wants him to continue to take care of her and her child, then she had better go clear his name asap. That's exactly what I think happened. Hence the girl's sudden loud mouth...

  4. Well, the girl's testimony on the radio pretty much seals the fate of said proprietor: GUILTY!

    That said, let me take it "there" for the sake of bringing a different perspective to the table. I've always wondered about cases where underage girls manage to seduce some adult men. People usually say such girls don't know what they're doing. Really? Because at the age of 14 or 15, some girls know more about sex that some old women. What is the difference between them sleeping with a 15-year old and a 26-year old? It's the same act with the same potential results. Don't get me wrong; I don't condone statutory rape/defilement one bit! But it's just something I've found myself wondering about in the past; especially when the girl consents.
    I guess the law doesn't recognize the ability of young girls to responsibly handle things of a sexual nature but requires them to take responsibility for their studies and their future... It can be seen as a grey area of sorts, if you will.

  5. I think the people were doctoring the birth records and have now succeeded. The girl is claiming she was eighteen at the time of the first 'DO' I dont know what is wrong with her kwraa... Is it a mark of pride? She was saying it as if sleeping with this bleached dude was her greates life-time achievement. makes me so sad and mad!!!

  6. One more opportunity for our state prosecutors to step up to the plate and exhibit their competency.
    In the meantime, I won't recommend the school to anyone and would encourage people to keep their kids far far far from the man.

    @ Nanasei: I sorta see what you are saying. You are being realistic. There are some kids that seduce adults. Not many though, but it happens.
    However, existing laws are what we should go by. If you come by a ferrari in a deserted parking lot with the engine running and after an hour no one shows up to move it, will you get in and take it for a spin? I doubt it. Because you can control the urge to not steal.


  7. This pisses me off. I can't describe how annoyed I am at this girl. In the first place, she doesn't even know what defilement is. She seems to think it is the same as rape.

    Next, she's an even bigger idiot for doing the horizontal tango with a married man, and her educationist too for that matter. The things she said stung me deeply. For a child (in essence, she is still a child in her head) to spew forth such garbage.....If she was "old" enough to be screwing about with the man, then she should have been "old" enough to get on the pill or slap on a condom.

    I've been told I have the tact of a sledgehammer. I'm going to use it now. This chic pisses me off with her loud mouth and lack of respect for her own being. We all know she was not 18. She knows we know. So why the deception? MTCHEEEEEEEW!

  8. I was listening to the radio this morning and one man said, "That award he was given was not a national award because I don't think he deserved it, so you can say it is from Ghana minus one." I laughed so hard!

  9. hahahaha. haven't listened to the radio in a while but from what i'm hearing from y'all.. this chic is really DUMB!!
    One of K4's many mistakes by giving him an award.
    Never liked any of his videos..but i'm sure that was a way for the girl to get a movie deal with Agya Koo Etc Lol!!!

    I hope he's not blaming the devil or anyone for his stupid acts


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